ESD Awareness Initiative

District10 of the United States Power Squadrons and its 11 member squadrons located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is actively promoting electrical safety awareness for marinas throughout the area. The specific focus is on Electric Shock Drowning or ESD.  Your marina may already have policies in place that prohibit individuals from entering the water.   There are a number of reasons why this is good policy and the possibility of an ESD occurrence is at or near the top of the list.

To increase ESD awareness, D10 member squadrons are urging marinas to post "No Swimming" signs at strategic locations on their docks. These signs serve to inform and to act as a continual reminder to all present.  They also provide the marina the benefit of helping to limit liability.  D10 has selected a "No Swimming" sign that can serve that purpose and will provide your marina with a ready-to-post product.  The sign clearly states the rule along with the reason why the rule exists.

These twelve inch high, nine inch wide signs are available from Wrap City Graphics at a cost of $16.50 each, tax and shipping included for signs shipped to locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan (D10 region).  The cost is $17.00 each, tax and shipping included for signs shipped to locations elsewhere in the continental US.  A minimum purchase of 4 signs is required in order to benefit from these prices.

The signs may be ordered by email, by telephone, or by mail.  The contact information and mailing address is provided on the order form (click on 'order form' for the PDF).

We encourage marinas everywhere, public and private, to place these signs at strategic locations at your earliest convenience.


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